World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Friday, June 27, 2008

Championship Season is Here...NOW!

Getting ready to go for my Monthly Blood Work.
I guess it gives the Doctors a window on my World.
Oh My God only 18 Days until my first competition at our US National TX Games in Pittsburgh. Can I stay in one piece just minor nicks and problems to perform with my A+++ Game.

Two years ago coming through the Finish Line in the 20 K Road Race. Third in my age group in the group with the fastest times overall. A pitched battle just to Medal.

On the Cycling Podium twice for Bronze in the 5 K and 20 K. Hot, Humid but nothing like the Death Heat back Home!
Living in a Pizza Oven does have a purpose. For my Foreign Friends Think 50 + C.

In The Pool A Silver in the 50 Meter Back.

Swimming in Edmonton, Alberta for the Canadian 2006 National TX Games.
One of Eleven Gold, One Silver, One Bronze. August 4, 2008 we go back to Canada to defend and visit our friends of the great white north.

For now stay healthy, can't add much more at this point but just stay sharp and actually begin prep for August 2009 Australia and our next Worlds.
Hopefully banking now what is needed for 2009.

Thanks Brady, Still Living Way Large.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 Grand Canyon State Games Zonies Score!

Bill with his Coach last year Mike Troy, Meet Commissioner, Grand Canyon State Games Swimming. Mike won Two Gold Medals in the Rome Olympic Pool in the 200 Fly and 4 X 200 M. Free Relay.

Transplant Team Arizona SWimmers pick up 9 Medals in final Tune Up 3 weeks before The US Nationals in Pittsburgh.

Mike Scozzaro and his Wife. So good to have Mike back in the Pool afte his Fourth Kidney TX. Mike was a top swimmer on Team USA in several of the World Competitions in the 90's. WElcome Back Mike.

Don & Mary Armstrong. Mary a Liver TX is back to health after some issues last year after Our World Games in Thailand. Mary & Dianne Miller will dominate their Age Group in Pit.

Another Part of Team Scozzaro. Mike and his son. A local HS Swimmer.
Mike is Coached by his Daughter another Swimmer in his Family.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tomorrow is Grand Canyon State Games Open Swimming Championships

Swimming Tune up for US National TX Games in Pittsburgh next month.
I get to see where my Swimming is with 3 weeks to go.
I get to race in my new Speedo Fast Skin.
I get to Visit with Coach Mike Troy, Meet Commisioner and Double Olympic Gold Medalist. Mike & his partner Mike Walker(Former Olympic Team swim Coach) who prepared me last summer for the Worlds in Thailand.

In my book now is the time to prepare for August 2009 in Australia our next World Games.
The Big Picture:This is What it is all about.

Because my Donor Family said Yes,
I get to Live Large everyday!

Because We Can We get to show every day that Transplantation Works.

I am so Proud of everyone that was involved with Escape 2008.

It is just a step to our 2009 Efforts on that World Stage.

In Pit next Month I get to spend time with Brady Michaels Mom & Dad.
Stan & Paula Brady.

As a Parent I kind of get losing a Child but have really only walked
in the "Crash Dummy" Recipient shoes.

I want to share a few Videos Bradys Brother Chris put up on U Tube.

I'm betting some of you saw Brady in these Commercials!

Burger King Out Takes My Favorite:

The Actual Burger King Commercial

I saw this Chevy Truck Ad on TV I bet you did too?

UPN Tribute to Brady:

How Lucky am I to get a second chance at Life
and spend a week at our US National TX Games with my Donor Family.

Brady I'm Bringing My A+++ Game and
Every day Living Way Large Thanks To YOU!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

World Team II first across the Finish line 2:51.

Bill cut off 4 minutes from last year and Chris had a Great Run for about 5 minutes faster then last years 3:01 Team Time! Yea!

Run Ray Run!
We will get U your double Decker Tour Bus, Cap, Microphone and Cold Giant Pacifico if your Team Wins. Ray did good cutting some time off of his 2007 Escape Performance.
OK Bill's Turn, Wheres Bill.

Bill no more Cheerleader Inverviews. Push Your Bike up those Hills.
Make believe U can do it.
If Team II wins U win dinner for 8 at Burger World!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

World TX Team I. Steve on Swim, Sgt John Fairbanks US Army on Bike and John Fisher on Run.

Upon exiting the Water at St Francis Yacht Club Stevies Legs were Missing?

One of our Favorite Athletes on the Team is Steve Deakin from Warrington, kind of inbetween Manchester and Liverpool.
All week we joked about on the start Boat Stevie would take off his Legs and Tell the Crowd "The Sharks got me two years ago in Escape But I'm back."
Not True but great Fun. So Stevie swims ashore in 30:37 for the 1.5 Mile Swim.
Our friends at CAF said they would place Stevies legs at the shoe pickup on shore. THe next ten minutes no one could find Stevies legs. Being a trooper he kept his cool and waited and then legs on began the run to T1 on Marina Green.

Look Who's Chasing Stevie, Our Bud Sara #93. Go Stevie

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reflections on Last weeks Race 2008 Escape.

It's so good to be home and back in your Comfort Zone but last Weeks World TX Team Adventure is way High up on My Ricter Scale of Epic Fun. Getting out of town is always tough.
My son Billy drove me to the Airport. Me, my Bike Pro Case, uniforms for 20 and all the stuff I normally travel with.We invited the right Friends to get involved.
We covered a lot of bases and Had Camera Crews following us in our Journey. Scott Hester with his PBS Documentary. Jacob and others shooting for Local Cable Channel " Alameda Currents." The US Army covering Sgt. John Fairbanks when Major Luten in charge of PR Knew John was a PR Gem of Positive for our Army. And the Bill Wohl Foundation taking HD Video and great digital stills wherever we went.I have begun the Pictorial Story and it is already HUGE!
We came from near and far with Heart, Liver, Kidney, Bone Marrow Transplants.
A Chinese, Philipino, London and Liverpool Runner.SWimmers from Ireland two, Liverpool area, Warrington and Alameda. Cyclists from Palo Alto, Scottsdale, Livermore and Omaha.
Every where we went People would try to read what it said on our Hats, shirts and jackets.
Ray didn't kill us with his Tour Bus Operator Mentality but we did go all over the Bay Area.
Race Day we all showed up too!
If someone had not taken Stevie's legs World Team I would have been neck and neck with Teams II, III and IV.More then 10 minutes time went by before Steve could run from the St Francis Yacht Club up to Marina Greens.
A personal Perspective: In 2007 I did not have the proper Respect or Awe for this course and Event. I was a little more prepared this year but HUGE GRADES on some of the Cycling Course Hills brought me to my Knees.I managed to Survive and cut almost 5 Minutes off my last years Performance.