World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fun Never Ends.

Friday Oct. 17,2008 I get to go into the Hospital for a Lung Biopsy.
After a month of feeling off, not right. Since the Swimming Competition in Pittsburgh in Mid July I picked up some bug.
Time to figure it out and clear it up!

I know I picked up some bug all day wet at the Carnegie Mellon Pool in a Body Suit.

Hopefully by Monday the Cultures of my Lung Biopsy will show what is growing?

I have been run down and tired the last month. So after being in killer shape I get to begin again.

But the option of doing is always The Best.
Tune next week as I hope to start the next page in my Drama.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time to prepare for Treasure Island & El Tour!

Treasure Island San Francisco Intl Tri is next followed by El Tour De Tucson.
After training and having a good summer Championship Season I seemed to have picked up a bug in Pittsburgh in July.
I'm thinking spending all day at the Carnegie Mellon Pool in my wet Speedo Fast Skin and the burn out of the Games Expierience I picked up an infection.

I have had some very flat days like the Cycling day in Pit.
Recovery and being exhausted really became an issue about three weeks back.
Time to go to my Cardiologist and find out what is going on.

When you are an immuno suppressed Athlete you are always pushing your self, tired and run down. But my body could tell this was different.
Ok Bill go take a chest XRay.
Hum, scarring on the Lungs that weren't there in May?
Go see a Pulmonary Specialist.
How about a Cat Scan?
Finally you can start these space age Antibiotics to kill the Infection!
But run over to the Hospital for Blood Work, Sputum Culture and Urine analysis.
Well, the Good News.
No Cancer!
No Valley Fever!
No Rejection !
We're not sure what is yet but keep taking the Antibiotics!
Yesterday I started easing back into my training.
The previous weekend long rides were way too hard and way too long to recover.
So now working on the other side.
The infection seems to be waning, can I kill it?
The weather has finally cooled.
We ride here in ridiculus Heat and Phoenix has a Huge Brown Cloud so not too healthy for serious outdoor Training.
Thank God nothing serious so far.
Going into this in the Best Shape of my Life time to regroup carefully recreating the fine line of between too much and not enough.
Thank God I can so shut up and move on.