World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl Week in Town

Time flies as January is almost History.

So far so good, no injuries or crashes.

Today the Huge FBR Open Golf Tournament Begins and Sunday The Giants & Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Have not swam any laps yet but have been in the Pool to soak and chill after hard workouts.

Tonight is the Scottsdale All City Sports Banquet. We get to recognize the top Male & Female HS Athletes in all the Fall Sports. Should be Fun!

Tomorrow back to the Bike & Gym!

Looks like I will be Driving to the Amgen Tour of California with my friend Tony D. to Train in the AM and watch the top Bike Pro's in the World Race in the PM.

I need to begin planning for Friday February 22, 2008 besides its George Washington's Birthday it will be my 8 Year Transversary. So Special and precious just to contemplate.
While in LA I should get to meet and discuss a Film Documentary Project. We will see?
Hope you all are well and preparing for June?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rest & Recovery Day, Just Work.

Thank God!
I completed our 30 Day 2008 Cycling Training Camp on Tuesday.
Now to prepare for upcoming races. Have not made it into the Pool yet to swim, just to soak & chill after hard rides or weights.
Monday night was our meeting with Tracy from Elite Racing who puts on the PF Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon.
They have 37,000 entered and tomorrow is the Race Expo. Hope to get there before gym & bike.
It looks like Sunday I will escort the Lead Wheel chair Athlete. One fellow entered has done 1:39 for the Marathon.
Last year the Wheel Chair winner was 1:57 and to put it in perspective Gabe ran 2:04 in Berlin in September to set the current World Record.

It will be Cold that AM at the start. 45F or so in town but probably about 35 F and windy near the State Capital Down Town.

Should be Fun & Exciting!
Saw my Sports Medicine Doc yesterday after second workout and he his all set to be at Escape with his Gorgeous Wive!
He will be a great help before during and after the event weekend, working on our Team!
Hope you all are well and have begun your Prep.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Days Left of 2008 Training Camp

Just got back from two hours of Hills.
Big rain storms are heading this way.
Thank God I missed them!
Yesterday it was 76 F here on the Desert, not bad for the dead of Winter.
It is heading back to the 50's & rain this week!
Wednesday in strong gust head winds got in a good 50 Miler up in Cave Creek, about 67K.
So far so good. Hope to make it to the Pool tomorrow!
A week from tomorrow is the PF Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon.
Probably will escort the top Wheel Chair Athlete again in the Marathon about ten minutes in front of the Horde! What a great major event. The race Expo is one of the largerst & best anywhere!
Hope you all are well and have begun your prep for Escape 2008.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year To All our Friends,Team Mates and Associates!

Oh My God 2008.
Years sometimes start slow and then go int Hyper Drive. I'm getting the Feeling that 2008 will be all @ Super Warp Speed!
I think I can handle it.
It is supposed to get up to 7o F here today. If so not bad for Dead of Winter.
It has been cold! Hoping to get a 2.5 hour ride this PM with my old friend Tony Drake up in Cave Creek. We used to train and race here and Tucson together!
Today will be # 25 of my 2008 Training Camp. Other than eating the Profits. All is good!
Back to work so I can escape later for my ride.
Happy New Year Every Body!