World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rest & Recovery Day, Just Work.

Thank God!
I completed our 30 Day 2008 Cycling Training Camp on Tuesday.
Now to prepare for upcoming races. Have not made it into the Pool yet to swim, just to soak & chill after hard rides or weights.
Monday night was our meeting with Tracy from Elite Racing who puts on the PF Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon.
They have 37,000 entered and tomorrow is the Race Expo. Hope to get there before gym & bike.
It looks like Sunday I will escort the Lead Wheel chair Athlete. One fellow entered has done 1:39 for the Marathon.
Last year the Wheel Chair winner was 1:57 and to put it in perspective Gabe ran 2:04 in Berlin in September to set the current World Record.

It will be Cold that AM at the start. 45F or so in town but probably about 35 F and windy near the State Capital Down Town.

Should be Fun & Exciting!
Saw my Sports Medicine Doc yesterday after second workout and he his all set to be at Escape with his Gorgeous Wive!
He will be a great help before during and after the event weekend, working on our Team!
Hope you all are well and have begun your Prep.

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