World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Upon exiting the Water at St Francis Yacht Club Stevies Legs were Missing?

One of our Favorite Athletes on the Team is Steve Deakin from Warrington, kind of inbetween Manchester and Liverpool.
All week we joked about on the start Boat Stevie would take off his Legs and Tell the Crowd "The Sharks got me two years ago in Escape But I'm back."
Not True but great Fun. So Stevie swims ashore in 30:37 for the 1.5 Mile Swim.
Our friends at CAF said they would place Stevies legs at the shoe pickup on shore. THe next ten minutes no one could find Stevies legs. Being a trooper he kept his cool and waited and then legs on began the run to T1 on Marina Green.

Look Who's Chasing Stevie, Our Bud Sara #93. Go Stevie

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