World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Friday, June 27, 2008

Championship Season is Here...NOW!

Getting ready to go for my Monthly Blood Work.
I guess it gives the Doctors a window on my World.
Oh My God only 18 Days until my first competition at our US National TX Games in Pittsburgh. Can I stay in one piece just minor nicks and problems to perform with my A+++ Game.

Two years ago coming through the Finish Line in the 20 K Road Race. Third in my age group in the group with the fastest times overall. A pitched battle just to Medal.

On the Cycling Podium twice for Bronze in the 5 K and 20 K. Hot, Humid but nothing like the Death Heat back Home!
Living in a Pizza Oven does have a purpose. For my Foreign Friends Think 50 + C.

In The Pool A Silver in the 50 Meter Back.

Swimming in Edmonton, Alberta for the Canadian 2006 National TX Games.
One of Eleven Gold, One Silver, One Bronze. August 4, 2008 we go back to Canada to defend and visit our friends of the great white north.

For now stay healthy, can't add much more at this point but just stay sharp and actually begin prep for August 2009 Australia and our next Worlds.
Hopefully banking now what is needed for 2009.

Thanks Brady, Still Living Way Large.

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