World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 El Tour De Phoenix is done!

Saturday was the first big open Cycling event of 2008. About 1,300 Cyclists entered overall and about 260 in the 25 mile race.
Starting in the front row I got cut off and stalled as the rider on my right banged wheels as we both slowly clipped in. The leaders were off and gone and I decided to just ride my race leading pack 2.
It was windy and hot but what gets your attention is Usery Pass.
About 11 miles into the race you hit a gradual up hill that runs for 5,600 meters at a 6 plus % grade most of the way.
It gets your attention and slows U down. Add a head wind to the grade and it is not fun!
My right calf and butt felt it and it was not fun!
I tried to relax and just ease uphill sitting in the top twenty!
3.5 miles later U get to the top and begin racing down the other side.
My new bike with the Zipp Wheels is scary fast so I descended just short of a mad man!
Again a head wind and about 4 or 5 sitting on my wheel!
Trying to work with the stronger riders in our group 4 of us rode past the right turn on University.
The cops on the course were Brain Dead and did not signal the turn.
We lost about 5 minutes as we turned just short of an extra mile south of the turn.
Time to play catch up and pass people U were in front of earlier.
I had looked forward to this part of the course because earlier and usually U get an East Tail Wind. I figured I could fly here.
Well I did catching and passing back into a wind.
As I repassed some they hopped on my wheel again and I got to pull them Again!
I didn't realy care because in the Big Triathlons and Time Trials U make your own way.
Probably this was the best part I rode.
At the finish one girl who sat on my wheel for about 10 miles said " You're a strong rider, Do U do Tri's."
Glad someone appreciated my work.
My goal was top 15. So with the several misadventures and no one really to sit on and get pulled I was beat by the final two straight aways. I wound up 30th overall and second in my Age Group.
On to TTM the 27 th in Tucson. I will be more prepared and race better.

But overall it was a good tough effort for the first of the year.

My Bike is Scary Fast with the Zipps.

Thanks Trek and Landis Cyclery.

My Calf and butt survived!

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