World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Eigth Transversary Friday Feb. 22, 2008

On Friday February 18, 2000 I had been at the University Medical Center as
"A Terminally Ill FDA Experiment"
for 155 Days.

This stay at UMC started, when all my Organs failed and Scottsdale Shea shipped me to Tucson on a wing and a Prayer.
All on September 13, 1999, that night, my native heart was removed and I was implanted with a
Total Artificial Heart.
In an attempt to Save My Life.

The 400 pound box I was tethered to in this shot behind the Hospital in the Fall of 1999.
Back to that Friday afternoon 2/18/00.
I was part of a Video shoot by Novartis Pharmaceutical for their Spring 2000 Transplant Video Journal. Oprah's Dr. Memet Oz appeared on that video too and former Olympian Carl Lewis.

My life tethered to a 400 pound box ,electric and oxygen, was blood tests, bleeding times, X Rays, IV's, surgeries,journeys to the Gym and sitting in the Sun outside for an hour.
Pretty much a Bionic Vegetable!

Just outside of Tucson to the East on US Route 10 is Benson, AZ.
It's claim to fame is the Western Motif back ground and Rail Road Tracks that have graced
so many Movies and TV shows for their back drop.

On the set of UPN TV's first Reality show
Brady Michael's had worked on the rigging
for an upcoming stunt for the TV show.
"I Dare You_The Ultimate Challenge."
Brady was preparing rigging on a train car that would allow him to Para Sail behind a moving Train to a height of 600 feet free fall and Parachute on to another moving Train.

That Saturday 2/19/00 as Brady started down the ladder for the final time that day, the ladder now un leashed from the train car.
He slipped and fell.
Hitting is skull on a piece of River Rock and he was taken to TMC in dire condition.

This link below will give you a little insight into my Heart Donor as he did this great stunt for
"I Dare You-The Ultimate Challenge
for the UPN TV Network.

This week I will be meeting with
Stephen Auerbach one of the Producers
of "I Dare You."
We will discuss a possible Documentary Film
on Brady & Me.

Please take the time to see my Donor Brady on the Mohave Desert. He jumps out of a small plane parachuting onto a Hot Air Balloon in Flight.
Amazing TV Footage from this Show.

(Just Copy & Paste)

Growing up in Vernon,Connecticut
a young 11 yr old Mike Brady
wrote an essay
on being an Organ Donation.

A head shot of Brady from his TV work as a Stunt man.

Last year February 2007,
National Geographic Magazine
used this photo on their web site of Me and Brady.

In August 2007 in Bangkok,Thailand I was given the honor of being the Captain of Team USA Cycling for the XVI World Transplant Games. On day two at the Cycling Venue, the King's new Road, just before the start of the Road Race.
"Can we interview You,Now?"
I got to talk about Brady for Bangkok TV.

I will never forget the year I spent as an almost
inanimate object personally supporting
the Hospital Systems of Arizona.

I remember Doug, my Engineer coming into my room early on the morning of February 22 nd, after my Nurse an hour earlier woke me to
"We think we have a Heart for You."

That morning as I was wheeled into surgery I remembered all my misadventures of the last 159 days Bionic, as the worse Cardiac Case ever in their Program History. Now 28 years and over 800 Heart Transplants.

Oh My God!

To just Be again.

Much less to work at what I love,

see my kids grow up

and be able to train,

one to four workouts per day.

Ride, Swim, Lift, Stretch, Core and occasionally Run.

With Work in between.

Thank You Brady!

Thank You my Brady Family!

Because my Donor Family
said yes to Organ Donation,
I get the chance to make a difference.

As a parent of two great kids I can only try to comprehend the loss of Michael!
But can never walk in the shoes
of Chris, Paula or Stan Brady!

November 17, 2007
in the 25 th El Tour De Tucson

I got to briefly visit with
two more of my Heroes
and now Team Mates
on our SynCardia Cycling Team.

Dr. Marvin Slepian and Dr. Jack Copeland.

I remember Dr. Copeland laughing,
when he saw the autographed race poster
from Lance Armstrong hanging in my room at UMC.

Dr C and I will never forget riding the hills just south of the Alps in Provence,France and with JT lost.

Thirty Years Parts & Labor Dr. C.


I can never Thank You enough
for Being My Organ Donor.

Thank You Dude!

Each day
I go for Brady's
"Living Large" to the Max!

To my family,
and those that have helped me return.

Thank You!

Be An Organ Donor
Donate Life

Thank You Chris Brady,
Ace NY Football Giant Fan.

Pump Graphics for my Great Logo

And Finally, Look for upcoming Feature Story in
The East Bay Magazine "Alive."

"Because We Can!"

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