World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 El Tour, then Video Shoot "Science Impossible" for the History Channel.

Top Heart Doc from The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Marvin Slepian and Bill meet at the El Tour Finish Line Saturday November 22, 2008. Bill finished 82 nd in the Oro Valley race start out of 1,400 Cyclists with 8,700 entired in the event. Bill expected top 15 or 25 finish if not ill and unable to train. Dara Torres on the Screen, Bill prepares for History Channel New TV Show Video Shoot.
Bill in Rehab for his Severe Pulmonary Fibrosis long removed from
his "Terminally Ill FDA Experiment Days!

Six Men ,three Trucks full of Camera Equipment build a TV set and Studio in

Bill's Home for several of the scenes.
Two HD Video Cameras on Tracks for the Interview portion of Bill's TV segment. Set to air Spring 2009 on The History Channel, a new show called "Science Impossible."

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