World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bill Lives Beating Pulmonary Fibrosis, Yeah!

Thank You God! This morning at my Pulmonary Specialist I got the Results of most of my Oct. 17 Lung Biopsy.
No Cancer.
No TB.
No Valley Fever.
No STD's
And on and on.
Now to reverse the Lung Damage and Prepare for the 2009 Worlds on The Bike and in the Pool in Australia.
Time For Team SynCardia Cycling Team 11 22 08 in El Tour De Tucson.
THen BBC Video and one for The History Channel
Time for my next Rehab.
Thank God!

Bill sets new Canadian TX Games Record Windsor Ontario As he bombs down the cobblestones past Caesars Hotel First Place Overall in the Cycling Road Race August 2008.

Bill The Shot Putter, Maybe Shot Put Catcher Yes!

Bill & Friend Gaston Martin of Montreal.

Our World TX Relay Teams at Treasure Island 2008 Tri.

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