World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Second Day back in the Pool, Yea!

After an hour in the Gym on Weights, Core & Stretching it was off to my Sports Med. Team.
After our Team Doctor and two of his assistants worked on me I knew about my pain points and scar tissue.
They have minimized my pain from Rotator Cuff injury with great stretches.
I look forward to our next session on Friday.

Then it was off to the Pool for Day # 2 of my Swimming base training.
An our later I escaped the Pool with my first 2,500 Meter swim of the season.
I could still walk and talk.

Today is tough Hill repeats.
Hope to get out the door in the next hour.

The weather has been great.
As the rest of the US is in a wet deep freeze we have 75 to 80 F Beautiful Winter Days.

That's why I love the Desert.

One week until we leave for the Tour of Cali.

Yesterday we finished the pictures and Interview for a Feature Story Upcoming in the East Bay Magazine " Alive."
It should be Interesting.

Back to Work and Reality.

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