World Team in San Francisco

World Team in San Francisco

Friday, July 18, 2008


Team Arizona Medley Relay Team Ben Sorensin, Michael Strilchuk, Mike Scozzaro & Bill Wohl First Place Breaking the American Record by 20 Seconds. Putting Team Michigan away on the Final Leg also Beating Nor Cal, North Carolina and Philadelphia.

Before Friday Nights Baseball Game meeting with Stan and Paula Brady at the Convention Center after giving them two Posters of my TV Interview in Bangkok last August before Cycling 20 K Road Race, talking about their son my Donor Michael
( Brady Michaels.)

Getting on the Blocks just before my First Race on Sunday the 100 Breast Stroke, First Place, Gold Medal, New US Games American Record by 4 Seconds.

Medals Presentatiom for My First of Three Gold Medals and American Records.
This first one Placed on my Donor Mother Paula Brady. "Because My Donor Family said YES, I am."
Number Two Gold was placed on My Donor's Father Stan Brady.
My Third Gold and Final American Record I kept.
Also A Silver Medal in the Mixed Freestyle Relay after Blowing My Flip Turn costing us another Gold. Oh Well!

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